The purpose of this list is to discuss Health and learn how to care for ourselves and our families; Naturally. We want to share information on aromatherapy, recipes for apothecary and toiletry products; ( salves, soaps, tinctures, infusions, wild-crafting, etc.), different types of frequency and remedy equipment & their applications (Rife, Zappers, EMEM, Enhancer, Violet Ray Guns,etc…) Essential Oils, Homeopathy & Tissue Salts, Herbal Medicine, Colloidal Silver, Color Therapy and Color Homeopathy, Rife and Frequency medicine, Prayer and how it relates to health and healing, NET,Kinesiology testing, Detoxification, and the part of Nutrition and diet in Healthy living. Opinions expressed here are those of individual contributors.

The List owners or associates do not verify or endorse the claims of members.

The Email List is for educational purposes only and is not intended as a place to offer diagnosis, treatment, or prescriptions of any kind.

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