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The Rife Group is for all those who wish to discuss the treatment, invented by Royal Raymond Rife
This Rife Group is for all those who wish to discuss the treatment, invented by Royal Raymond Rife, that uses resonance frequencies to treat a wide range of diseases. The Rife treatment is best known for the treatment of everything from Flu to Cancer and arthritis. In this group, we discuss suitable Rife equipment, your experiences, frequencies and reactions as well as the related microscope technology. It has been started to provide a general forum to those interested in the subject and those seeking help. We discourage highly technical discussions and encourage the free exchange of ideas and experiences. The group is open for all interested in the subject. Further general information on the subject can be found at, (" ), and (all run by the group moderator). This group is particularly suited to those just starting to find out about Rife therapy. IMPORTANT! You should also sign on to the Rife Forum at as that forum is better organised and contains a lot of background information making it easier to understand and get started in the world of Rife. This group is more of a chat line where current ideas on the subject are exchanged. Please note that some people in the Rife community insist on a more strict definition of what equipment can be deemed Rife equipment. That definition can be found at  and discussed in the Real Rife Research section of the Rife Forum.
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  • Classical Homeopathy Discussion Group
    Classical Homeopathy Discussion Group MINUTUS group was founded by Dr Ardavan Shahrdar in 2000 and is now one of the most active homeopathy discussion e-groups. The aim of MINUTUS discussion group is to share useful information on classical and Hahnemannian homeopathy. The Minutus group will be moving to in April 2020 complete with full archives. A downloadable archive is available now for Windows computers: The Minutus Group is established purely for the promotion of Homoeopathy and educational benefit of its members. It makes no representations regarding the individual suitability of the information contained in any document read or advice or recommendation offered which appears on this website and/or email postings for any purpose. The entire risk arising out of their use remains with the recipient. In no event shall the minutus site or its individual members be liable for any direct, consequential, incidental, special, punitive or other damages whatsoever and howsoever caused.
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  • rifegroup | SymphonicHealth
    The purpose of this list is to discuss Health and learn how to care for ourselves and our families; Naturally. We want to share information on aromatherapy, recipes for apothecary and toiletry products; ( salves, soaps, tinctures, infusions, wild-crafting, etc.), different types of frequency and remedy equipment & their applications (Rife, Zappers, EMEM, Enhancer, Violet Ray Guns,etc…) Essential Oils, Homeopathy & Tissue Salts, Herbal Medicine, Colloidal Silver, Color Therapy and Color Homeopathy, Rife and Frequency medicine, Prayer and how it relates to health and healing, NET,Kinesiology testing, Detoxification, and the part of Nutrition and diet in Healthy living. Opinions expressed here are those of individual contributors. The List owners or associates do not verify or endorse the claims of members. The Email List is for educational purposes only and is not intended as a place to offer diagnosis, treatment, or prescriptions of any kind. The decision to use, or not to use, any information is the sole responsibility of the reader.
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  • Hulda Clark Enthusiasts
    This list is for people who are serious about implementing Dr. Hulda Clark's recommendations and want to network and share information, questions, and concerns in a supportive environment. If you are a skeptic, if you are still trying to decide if Hulda Clark is for you, or if you have never read any books by Dr. Clark or tried any of her recommendations, then this list is NOT for you. There is no hotline to Hulda and there are no experts to direct questions to -- just individuals who are actively implementing her ideas and who want to compare notes.
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